Top Syringe Mfg Co (P) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of glass syringes and glass tube engineering products for decades. The group, established in 1964, has the core technology base of Glass tube engineering making glass syringes from 0.25ml to 100ml and beyond. 

The company has 2 manufacturing Plants in India; one is in Dahisar, Mumbai & the other one is at Alandi, Pune. These facilities meet all the regulatory / quality guidelines for products manufactured. Products so manufactured are regularly exported across the globe to over 50 countries including regulatory markets.

Within our world class facility we do manufacture our core product Glass Syringes which are used for various applications like in Laboratory DGA, Medical, Industrial, Veterinary, etc. The facility also has fairly big share in production of Chromatography Consumables under the brand Colpak® like Auto Sampler, Head Space Vials, caps &Septas. With our regular on-going production of Branded & OEM job work. We also have dedicated lines to produce laboratory, laboratory Glass ware like Test Tubes, Culture Tubes, Glass Micro Capillaries etc. The facility has its own injection molding machines for the screw caps and other plastic products. The Facility is also house to its own rubber mixing mill and processing of the liners & septas.

We are well supported by Our E-commerce team which forms the backbone for our global presence across the world for quality scientific glass products. We have web support for 13+ languages across the world with our E-commerce partners like Amazon, Alibaba, Indiamart, etc. who are helping us distribute our products across the globe.

All Products are regularly produce in our Brand as well as for OEM

Our expertise and world class technology developed over the years in Glass tube engineering is the foundation of our quality reputation. Our skill mix with art of glass working, enables us to convert the glass products that command respect from satisfied users worldwide.

We have stocks is placed in USA for immediate fulfillment through our websites & Amazon