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20ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case (Pack of 1)

20ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case.(Part No. : 30-10-00-00)

$ 117

20ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case.(Part No. : 30-10-00-00)

Pack Size : 1pcs


  • 20ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case.


TOSIN Accessories for Transformer Oil Sampling Instruments –20ml TOSIN Padded Carrying Case.

The 20ml TOSIN Padded carrying case is a protective box used to take transport the oil sample from the on-field site to the laboratory for testing. The case protects the sample from exposure to light. Some of the dissolved oxygen present in the oil sample may be consumed, and hydrocarbons and carbon oxides formed by oxidation. This reaction is accelerated by exposure to light. Therefore the Glass Syringe sampling devices should be protected by placing them in the Padded carrying case for transportation. The Padded boxes also fully eliminate the risk of formation of bubbles in DGA oil samples. Due to reduced pressure and over-saturation of gases in the oil, the syringe plunger is allowed to move, thus preventing air ingress in case of oil volume variations.


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Size 20ml
Cat No 30-10-00-00

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